Go-To-Market Strategy

What's the best way to position your product(s) for broad adoption and rapid revenue growth? We'll help you evaluate the market opportunity and put a comprehensive plan in place.

Questions may include:

  • How will we generate leads?
  • Inside sales vs. field sales?
  • What's our value proposition?
  • Who's our buyer?
  • Do we have the right price point?
  • How should we think about resellers and partners?

Leadership Transitions

Is now the right time to hire/replace a VP of Sales and/or Marketing? Who's the right fit and how can we support them to get up to speed quickly? We'll help you maximize one of your most important hires.

Questions may include:

  • Do we have the right team in place to drive growth?
  • When should we hire/replace a VP of Sales?
  • Do we need a vision- or an execution-focused sales leader?
  • Is our Marketing team properly oriented and incentivized to support revenue growth?

Repeatable Sales Playbook

Which sales model is most appropriate for our product and price point? What's the playbook that will drive leads and convert them to sales qualified and won deals? We'll help you write the playbook that can be handed off to reps and sales leaders.

Questions may include:

  • How should we segment sales & customer success roles?
  • How do we properly and consistently qualify leads?
  • How should we define our sales stages and evaluate the health of our funnel?
  • What are the characteristics we should look for in hiring sales reps?

Engagement Examples - Sales

  • Serve as Interim VP of Sales
  • Create Repeatable Sales Playbook
  • Define Sales Team Structure and Roles
  • Create Customer Success/Renewal Playbook
  • Write Staff Job Descriptions, Lead Recruiting & On-boarding
  • Provide Strategic Deal Support
  • Review/Implement CRM Instance and Pipeline Stages

Engagement Examples - Marketing

  • Serve as Interim VP of Marketing
  • Define/Refine Value Proposition
  • Create Demand Generation Strategy
  • Implement Growth Hacker/Multi-Channel/Full Funnel Strategy
  • Guide Email Marketing/Nurture Sequences
  • Write Staff Job Descriptions, Lead Recruiting & On-boarding
  • Review/Implement Marketing Automation

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If you're an executive in the Education industry and are looking to revamp existing revenue strategy and operations to meet demands for revenue growth, or building a revenue organization for a new enterprise and trying to "get it right" from the beginning, please contact us to set up a consultation.