Our Approach

Several key industry axioms inform our work at BroadReach.

  • Sales is the number one fail-point for startups in EdTech.
  • Many EdTech founders come from the classroom or an academic background and lack business expertise.
  • Revenue ramps in EdTech are slower than in other industries, requiring patient investors and clearly defined and executed go-to-market strategies.
  • The US K12 and higher education markets are complex and idiosyncratic, resulting in long sales cycles and unpredictable obstacles.
  • Executives entering EdTech for the first time face steep learning curves despite success in other industries.

Our work with our clients stems from a keen understanding of these market dynamics based on decades of on-the-ground work with dynamic and leading-edge companies. We leverage strategies that work in the real-world and reflect current Sales & Marketing best practices, including predictable and scaleable sales models, digital demand generation, and full-funnel data collection and analytics.

Our Story

Kirby Salerno, Founder & Principal of BroadReach, has nearly two decades of experience in EdTech Sales & Marketing.

  • He started out carrying a bag as an unpaid intern, rising quickly to VP for Sales, for a startup in Seattle in 2001 that leveraged a fledgling technology called "streaming video" to capture and share teaching best practices. They were at least a decade ahead of their time but built a successful business that was sold in 2008.
  • As VP of Sales for TenMarks, an online personalized math program, Kirby drove the revenue strategy and built the team that converted freemium usage to substantial district level premium sales, resulting in TenMarks' acquisition by Amazon in 2014. At Amazon, Kirby built and ran Sales for Amazon Education, a first-of-its-kind group within the Kindle organization.
  • In 2015, Kirby joined Flocabulary as VP of Sales & Marketing, overseeing the Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing organizations that quadrupled in size over 2 years and driving a 100% increase in revenue.
  • Kirby is a Venture Partner with LearnLaunch, an EdTech accelerator in Boston, where he helps select accelerator companies and provides coaching and advisory services to early-stage startups.

Contact Us

If you're an executive in the Education industry and are looking to revamp existing revenue strategy and operations to meet demands for revenue growth, or building a revenue organization for a new enterprise and trying to "get it right" from the beginning, please contact us to set up a consultation.